The Restoration Chronicles the Tyler 40 Gaar Scott

By: Jerred Ruble

Hanlontown, IA

(Last Updated: 7/22/2010 8:11 AM)


Final touches before the move back to Forest City




Collin preparing the surface to reattach rivets.

Lawrence steam cleaning the rear drivers.

Nicholas scrapping babbitt spills. Size has its advantages.

Collin had to get into the act as well. It was a tight squeeze for him though..

Collin attaching rivets.

Nicholas lending Collin a hand with the rivets. Lawrence finishing his third cup of coffee for the day.

Repainting the boiler

Collin taking a little rest after finishing painting the boiler.

Lawrence taking the throttle valve off so we could fix the leaking valve,

Nicholas installing oilers and grease cups. You can see it was hard work

Collin giving the back bunkers their final coat of paint.

Nicholas, Lawrence and Collin installing one of the saddle tank decals.




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