The Restoration Chronicles the Tyler 40 Gaar Scott

By: Jerred Ruble

Hanlontown, IA

(Last Updated: 7/22/2010 8:18 AM)


First show, July 18, 2010 Heritage Festival at Forest City, Iowa



July 18, 2010

Jerad Knutson doing a little last minute cleaning before the photo shoot.

Jerred, Collin and Lawrence doing a final inspection

Jerred and Lawrence enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Jerred, Collin, Nicolas and Lawrence representing the finishing touches crew.

The Big 40 taking center stage.

In a field of her own.

Jerred and Eileen smiling big, but with a bigger sigh of relief the project is finally (almost) done.


Belted up to the 36” Minneapolis thresher.

First productive work after restoration. Threshing wheat.






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