The Restoration Chronicles the Tyler 40 Gaar Scott

By: Jerred Ruble

Hanlontown, IA

(Last Updated: 3/16/2009 6:40 PM)


Milestone 1



One month down, Seven to go

This completes the first major milestone of the restoration project. All totaled we probably worked only 3-4 full day equivalents as we were never able to put in back to back full days over the three weekends we worked. Also probably a day was spent erecting the gantry crane.


Here is the work that is being farmed out:


Lawrence Swanz will be reconditioning the motor as well as helping with the reconstruction


Lund Machine Works, New Ulm, MN will be building a new boiler for the engine


Anderson Industries, Aberdeen, SD will be casting and machining:


        The left platter gear and pinion assembly for the differential

        The right platter gear and hub assembly for the differential

        The right drive pinion

        The crank pinion gear assembly

        Both the left and right bull gears

        Line boring the drive wheels then sleeved to fit the reconditioned rear axle


Lange Machine Shop, Hector, MN will machining the following traction components:


        The stub shaft for the intermediate gear will be built up with weld and turned down

        The intermediate gear will be bored then sleeved to fit the reconditioned intermediate stub shaft

        The broken A-bracket will be repaired by brazing the pieces together

        The rear axle will be built up with weld then turned down

        The lower cannon bearing was also broken which will be repaired by brazing the pieces together


The boiler should arrive at Lund Machine Works and the traction components that require work to Lange Machine Shop within a week. The gearing that is required for Anderson Industries to proceed with their pattern and casting work in a couple of weeks. The motor is already at Lawrences shop and has been disassembled.


Thanks to all who have contributed to the project to date. As you can see, this is not a one person project. I need all the help I can get and everything needs to be completed very timely for the project to be completed by Heritage Parks September Show.




Not to put pressure on those of us associated with the project, but


2009 Steam Threshing Days

26th Annual

Forest City, IA

Friday, Sept 18

Swap Meet & Consignment Sale

Saturday & Sunday, Sept 19-20

Power Show

Gaar Scott Plowing & Log Sawing

Special Exhibition

40 HP Gaar Scott

Completely Reconditioned

One of only two remaining in the world!

Best efforts will be put forth to have the Gaar Scott operational by Showtime. However, the possibility of unforeseen circumstances is of course a possibility. Anyone planning to attend the show for the sole purpose of seeing the Garr Scott in operation would be advised to check the web site regarding the progress of the restoration before making a final decision on attending. Note: the Gaar Scott will be in operation on Saturday and Sunday only

      91 Acre Park

      48 Display Buildings

    Saturday Night Barn Dance

    Sunday Church Services

  Women and children activities

  Steam Engines/Tractors

  Horses/Flywheel Engines

  Many active exhibits

Heritage Park of North Iowa
at the South edge of Forest City, IA