The Restoration Chronicles the Tyler 40 Gaar Scott

By: Jerred Ruble

Hanlontown, IA

(Last Updated: 9/13/2010 3:16 PM)


Shake Downs

August 1, 2010



August 1,2010

Since we are advertizing the Big 40 will be sawing and plowing we decided we should it them a try before the show in September. Here Jeff Lund and Lawrence Swanz are checking her out on the saw mill.

Didnít seem to be much of a load for the old girl even when cutting with both blades. Bill Haun the Heritage Park sawyer was well pleased with how well she handled the mill.

Going out to the field to check her out on the plow. Thatís Lawrence engineering and Jerred steering. We didnít quite get the 14 bottom Oliver done for this shake down so we decided to use the 10 bottom John Deere instead.

Here is the first time she plowed in probably well over 70 years.

One pass done making the turn for the return trip

Lining up to the furrow.

And we are off on the return trip.

The conditions were not ideal as we have had lots of rain in North Iowa this year. As you can see from the levers we had the bottoms all the way down so we were not babying it.

Jeff Lund, engineer and Jerred, steer man nearing the end of the land.

Our first plow shake down over and we all concluded it was successful. Still a few more items to address, but the list is getting much shorter.

September 12,2010

The 40 hooked to the 14 bottom Oliver plow ready for its maiden run.

Another picture of the pair.

Heading out to the field with Heritage Park volunteers manning the plow

After a few adjustments down the field we went. Plow was not scouring so she was pulling plenty hard, but the 40 handled the plow just fine.

Shot of the 40 sporting the Filly Dilly that we put on the night before

Another angle