The Tyler Ranch Big 40 Gaar Scott


The trip from Moore, MT to Forest City, IA

SmokStak Thread on the engine


Friday August 22, 8:00 AM


Positioning for loading. Mike and Paul Tyler had pulled her from its 52 year resting spot the weekend before we arrived.


My first time piloting the old girl.

In position, ready to pull her on the trailer

Up she goes. We were worried that the large 4 wheel drive John Deere may not have enough power, but no problem

Great bird’s eye view from the “crows nest”.

Relief, smooth loading, on the trailer with no problems.

Mike Tyler and Jerred after loading completed.


Mike negotiated the deal for the family. Except for the 2 month wait between offer and acceptance it was a painless experience.

Ready for the 1000 mile ride to Forest City, IA.

Leaving the Tyler Ranch for the first time in 55 years.

Leaving the Truck stop, permits in hand.

12 feet wide, ~ 20 tons

Arrival at Heritage Park, Saturday 4:30 PM.

Pulling her off (just barely) with my Case 900.

Pulling her so she is positioned in front of the Heritage Park Web Cam.


The engine will be a static display for the 2008 show
(Sept 19-21).


Plan to have her up and plowing for our 2009 fall show.