The Restoration Chronicles the Tyler 40 Gaar Scott

By: Jerred Ruble

Hanlontown, IA

(Last Updated: 3/16/2009 6:38 PM)


Disassembly Part 2


Disassembly Index


Work Completed


Removal of jacket.


Removal of grates and front wheels.


Milestone 1 completed. Summary of work to be farmed out.


Removal of Bull Gears & Extension Rims


Removal of Wheel Hubs




Our goal for the weekend was to complete the dismantling so what was left was bare boiler. We got a late start, around 4:30 PM as both Lawrence and I had other commits. We started by removing the intermediate gear stub shaft bracket. Here Lawrence is working on a stubborn stud.

Next we removed the left and right saddle tanks. Monte Topp came over to inspect our progress and of course got roped into helping.

Next we worked on getting the jacket off. Discovered that sometime in its past the jacket had been work on as there was two layers. The bottom on pretty much all deteriorated.

Later in the evening we had the jacket off.


We ended the day by removing the steering gear.




Lawrence decided he should finish installing the crane bracing he had started the weekend before. Here Lawrence and Shane Skelton work to bolt one of the braces to the leg of the crane.

After the crane was done, we turned our attention to removing the grates. Here Shane and Nicholas team up to start the removal process.

Lawrence worked inside as Shane worked outside.

Nicholas gave Dad a hand removing the grate hangers inside the firebox.

Jeff Lund stopped by early evening to have a look and to get some of the boiler measurements. He couldn’t resist lending a hand removing the front pedestal and wheels.

After a little persuasion, out it came. That was about it. The boiler was ready to go to Jeff’s place of business in New Ulm.

The front of the boiler was blocked up. Here Lawrence and Nicholas lower the boiler unto the blocking.

End of day. Mission accomplished.




The goal for today was to get the extension and bull gears removed. Oly Maas and Lawrence were given the task.

Right extension rim off.

Next they started on the bull gears.

Here Oly is guiding the bull from the right driver.

Extension rims and bull gears were removed to good time.

Unfortunately they discovered that the right hub was cracked all the way around. Tomorrow’s task was clear, remove the hub so it could be repaired.



Lawrence stared removing spokes early on Sunday. He worked alone to start out then Jerred assisted later in the morning.

As you can see the hub was completely broken all the way through.

Fortunately the job of removing the spokes was relatively easy with the aid on an impact wrench  once the locking nut was loosed.

Right wheel with all spokes removed.

After inspecting the left driver spokes, we decided to remove and replace them as well as most of the spokes had been rubbing on the pinion gear and were badly worn. Eileen came out to check on our progress. She was promply put to work.

Here Jerred and Eileen are removing one of the spokes.

Left hub ready to be removed.

Next we tackled the front wheels. First removing the pedestal. Nichols was freed up from the project he was working on so he was available to lend Jerred and Lawrence a hand.

We decided to remove the front spokes as well as many of them were loose. Here father and son are in competition to see who can get the most spokes out.

End of day, Nichols is hoisting the front axle up for loading in Lawrence’s truck. Of course he made it a fun job by lifting both axle and self.






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